After Action Report!


2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the Pedigree International Savanna registry. As a way to celebrate this special milestone, Pedigree International set out to create an unforgettable event where breeders, buyers, and industry leaders could gather to learn, connect, and celebrate; the 2020 Savanna Spectacular.

This event was an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on what Pedigree International Breeders have accomplished over twenty years. During this time nothing has come easy, but through honesty, hard work, and perseverance, registry and breeders alike rallied together to overcome great obstacles. The year 2020 seemed to put a stamp of emphasis on that point, as it seemed the forces of the world were set on stopping the Savanna Spectacular.

A normal year suddenly became a year of upheaval caused by COVID-19, national riots, looting, angry mobs, the vesicular stomatitis virus, new regulations, and many other anomalies. Amidst so many unusual circumstances, and the obstacles this presented,  it would have been easy to simply call off the Savanna Spectacular. Yet, despite the overwhelming odds, Pedigree International and it’s breeders rallied time and time again, to find solutions to the challenges and pulled off an incredibly successful event.

In a year of what had been discouragement for so many, the 2020 Savanna Spectacular was a beacon of light. This two day event allowed people to gather from around the nation to celebrate and learn about the amazing Savanna goat as it included a seminar, Gala, and live auction. Click on the hot links above to learn more about each one of the individual events of this truly spectacular 20th anniversary celebration.