Terri Pogue’s Bio

I’m a wife and mother of four who was drawn to the love of farm life by degrees. LGD’s came into our life ten years ago by ‘accident’ and out of necessity due to livestock predators. We further educated ourselves on LGD’s and became interested in the Karakachan breed in particular. We now own two Great Pyrenees and five Karakachans. We have had great success with LGD’s and credit the school of hard knocks for teaching us what not to do and what not to expect. I enjoy sharing the ‘do’s and dont’s’ of LGD’s with others including finding the perfect pup, preparing for its needs, training advice, etc. Glean from our successes and avoid some of the mistakes we made in order to fully benefit from your own LGD’s who provide an invaluable service to livestock farmers worldwide when properly trained.