Pedigree International has long felt its registered stock sets the bar for registered Savanna goats. The 2020 Savanna Spectacular Auction demonstrated the Savanna goat industry agrees, as the quality of stock turned heads around the country; with over 200 people in attendance from over 29 states, and another 200 online viewers through DVAuction, representing 35 different states. All participating saw an incredible lineup of animals that demonstrated the high standards of the Pedigree International breeders. In addition, all but one fullblood animal at the auction were DNA parent verified.

The auction results and turnout were as impressive as the stock and a testament to the trust, quality, and value people see in Pedigree International registered Savanna goats. Across 82 lots, the auction grossed just over $123,000. The average fullblood doe was purchased for $2,373, and the average fullblood buck brought $2,068. High percentage does averaged $678, and semen averaged $98/straw. The highest selling doe (RUT J759) went for $5,400 and the highest selling buck (RUT J737) went for $3,000. Both were consigned by Larry Rutledge of Texas Savannas, and both were bought by John and Barbara Barnhart of Barnhart Farms out of Ohio. The highest volume buyer designation went to Joe Jefferson of Tri J Farm. 

The consignors want to thank all involved, including the wonderful team from Newby’s Auctions and Appraisals, the buyers, and the many helping hands that made this event possible and a great success. 

What folks are saying:

-The Savanna Spectacular 2020 sale exceeded our expectations.  The quality of the animals was exceptional.  John and I really felt there was something quite magical about so many of us breeders coming from all corners of our great country.  In this time of uncertainty with COVID 19, commuting to Missouri to promote our individual programs and offer animals representing our hard work for auction.  As an exhibitor, we walked away with a lot more than the sale of our animals and the ability to acquire animals that can enhance our genetic pool.  Through this experience, we also took a way a sense  of belonging to a family of breeders that are very passionate for their love of Savanna breed and desire to constantly improving the breed.  The online aspect of the sale was fantastic.  It really increased our exposure to prospective buyers all over this country.   We personally are so excited to add genetics from Texas Savannas and Wood Creek Farms to enhance our program and we are so excited for those who purchased our animals to enhance theirs.  Thanks Pedigree International for a very successful sale, seminars and Gala. For such a difficult year as 2020 has been for our country this event really was a highlight event for us personally.
Barbara Barnhart, Barnhart Farms, Ohio

-The Savanna Spectacular auction just reinforced my good opinion of Savanna breeders. I was very impressed at how quickly folks were to lend a hand in getting these goats into the ring to be viewed. Some of the goats were not used to be handled much and were a little unruly, but everyone jumped in to help those of us in need. My hat goes off to you, bidders, breeders and spectators alike. 
Christine Baize, Sand Road Savanna, Indiana

The number one thing that I remember about the sale is how everybody came together to make sure that the animals were in place so the sale would not stop. This is a great group of people.
Larry Rutledge, Texas Savannas, TX

-Since I was unable to attend the Spectacular Gala, I watched the Spectacular Auction on line.  It was enjoyable and educational to see the does and bucks of the various breeders from all over the US.  I bid several times, as the on line portion of the auction was easy to navigate.  I can’t wait for the next Pedigree International event, where I can meet new breeders and spend time with friends!!
Susan Young, Butte Ridge Ranch, California