Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where can I buy tickets?
    • Tickets can be found at our Tickets page linked here. Tickets are $50 per person before August 1st. After August 1st, the price increases to $60 per person
  2. Are tickets required in advance?
    • Yes, tickets are needed to be purchased in advance of the event. There will not be Ticket Sales at the door.


  1. Will there be a host motel where we get a discount?
    • Yes. We will be announcing that in March
  2. How far is is the Springfield-Branson airport to the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield?
    • 8 miles, about a 15 minute drive
  3. Is there a place for RV hook up?
    • Yes, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds has RV hookups available. You will, however, have to contact them directly to rent hookup space. Their contact information can be found here, on our Accommodations page.


  1. How do I become a Sponsor?
    • Follow this LINK, print off the file, and follow the directions!
  2. May I contribute as a Sponsor even if I am not a PI client?
    • Absolutely! We accept Sponsorship from non-PI clients. This is considered a Corporate or Supporting Sponsor. We appreciate participation from those that wish to support the South Africa Savanna Industry. Thank you in advance for your contributions!!

Additional Questions/Information

  1. If you still have additional questions, please email pedigree@pedigreeinternational.com