Transportation of any goat purchased at the Savanna Spectacular is the responsible of the BUYER. That said, we are happy to assist the buyer in securing delivery of their purchases to their location. This is especially important if you are considering making any purchase through DVAucton on line bidding.

Our Transportation Director is Blain Kukevitch:

Blain has experience in moving various species of pets and livestock and has ‘signed on’ to assist buyers & sellers.
Please feel free to contact Blain with your needs and questions.

In some cases breeders may be able to do a ‘haul back’ for you or consignors may be able to take your purchase back to their farm for you to pick up within 10 days. Blain can help you to verify the possibilities.

Consignors and guests that are agreeable to doing a haul back. Please contact Blain and get on the list.

We will have two haulers stationed at the sale and you may call Blain or contact the haulers themselves. The two haulers that are planning to be at the sale on sale day are posted below.

For consignors that would like to travel to the Spectacular ‘trailer free’ these professionals can also haul your goats TO the event.

Additional Haulers that may be able to assist you are:
Professional Haulers:
Bob May: 530 200-0866