Buyers are responsible for the transportation of goats purchased.

BUYERS: Below is the contact information for some breeders and haulers l that can transport goats from the Savanna Spectacular Auction. Some of the breeders listed are willing to meet an online buyers along their way back home. Some are willing to go out of their way. Please contact the breeders directly to learn more of the options. Buyers are responsible for the transportation of the goats they purchase, health papers to the state of destination and any cost of any additional health testing required by your specific state. All arrangements and costs of transportation are strictly between the buyer and the hauler.

Pedigree International, The Savanna Spectacular and consignors are in no way responsible for the transportation of goats purchased. Each buyer is responsible for the health and transportation of their purchases.

All goats must be out of the sale barn before 11:00 AM Sunday, September 20, 2020

All hauling is between Buyer and Hauler. Once any goat is signed over to your hauler it is considered the same as transferred over into the Buyer’s hand.

Breeders that have offered HAUL BACK service:
Jason Dahl: Estelline SD – 605 880-1354
Sharon Cain: Birch Tree MO – 573 325-8726
Donna Blankenship: Alton MO 417-778-6224 
Vernon & Diana Long: Sparta TN 931 761-1121
Dani Stearns: Edgemont, SD 605 749-2229
Christine Baize: Owensville, IN 812 385-2874
Larry Rutledge: Kemper, TX 940 733-6018

Professional Haulers:
Amy Sporna: 630 962-8737
Bob May: 530 200-0866

Ethan Dade: 417 667-1874
Dewey Hockett: 573 722-2979

(Both Ethan and Dewey live in MO not far from the sale location – give them a call if you are considering making a purchase that needs a hauler. This can be from a purchase made in person at the sale or online through the DV Auction.).