A great opportunity to learn more about the Savanna goat and goat herdsmen-ship in general!
No charge.  Door prizes throughout the day.
– Seminar: September 18, 2020 
– Barn opens 8:15 AM 
– Seminar runs 9am to 4pm
– Food service on site
– Door Prizes throughout the day
– Specific topics and speakers to be announced.
    9 AM :
           Randy Dusek: American Goat Federation

    10:15  AM:
         Terri Pogue:  Livestock Guardian Dogs
           How to choose them / How to use them. 
HERE to learn more about Terri!

    11:30 -12:45:    LUNCH BREAK: FOOD SERVICE ON SITE.

     12:45  PM:
         Luke Wilbers: Lincoln University Busby Farm
           Managing Internal Parasites in Goats (Note: Luke has done
          some interesting work with correlating genetic lines with parasite       
       Click HERE to learn more about Luke!

      2:00 PM
               Paul Mitchel: Imogene Ingredients
           Learn about an exciting new product and the ruminants gut.