Say what?

Another great Savanna Spectacular is ‘in the books’.  


Pedigree International

FINALLY I have a few minutes to sit and think and write.

I spent this morning getting all the checks logged and balanced out and taken to the bank. The sooner they are in the sooner they clear and the sooner I can write checks to each of you.

You ALL really rocked the 2023 Spectacular. Your pens and banners looked AMAZING. From across the barn one could see the ‘action’ taking place on the other end.

You have no idea how it warmed my heart to stand back and just watch all of you helping one another and laughing and talking. Everyone having a good time!

The Spectacular is so much more than a place to sell goats. My bigger goal is to get the consigning breeders lifted up to the public and to get breeders in touch with other breeders. To make a place to make new friends and catch up with the old ones.

HUGE HUGE HUGE shout out to Austin Pruitt and his crew (Chad ‘the knife maker’), Chris Gunby, Kevin Cox, Dalton Stearns, Annabelle (the Hyde’s granddaughter), Rowdy Pruitt and I am sure I am in trouble now cuz I likely forgot someone. But you guys were amazing. The reconfiguration of the entrance to the ring and return allies was amazing. It looked so professional. I was so proud!

How about our SHINING Ring Girl, Silver Pruitt! She did such and great job and looked beautiful though the entire ‘sweating’ event. Shine On Silver. YOU ROCK!

Thank you Blain of Stone Oaks Farm for spearheading the transportation part of the event.

Let’s not forget the Gala! Kim Gunby, Dani Stearns making table bouquets, and they told me someone else jumped in to help but I never got that name.Please tell us because they said you were great help and we need to have you on the NEXT Gala list. Again, Annabelle pops up to help set tables, this girl is a gem to be sure, always helping with a smile. Not to forget Allison Rosauer riding in at the drop of the hat to fill the gap and get the tables set.

Bill Tompkins our champion banner hanger and his ‘I got this’ wife Tonya. Tonya you were an amazing asset. Jumping in and taking the lead on the last seminar while I got pulled away to the Gala dining hall. Everything I tossed off to you was an easy catch and I knew I could put it in your hands and not worry. Also your help packing up at the end… a thankless job for sure. Thank you for staying and helping me get out before midnight (at which time I turn into a pumpkin).

Ann Crouch and Christine Baize. How can a person say enough about them. Behind the scene from day one. Posting the catalogs on line, sorting lots. Then checking people in and out and OH THE SPREADSHEETS. Lol. Both of them are spreadsheet queens!

Sharon Cain, our quilt maker, Pruitt Farms for Shadow Dancer, Devin Peterson for True Grit our donation buck. It takes a lot of $$ to pull off the Spectacular. Thank you for helping us pay the bills.

Thank you to Makaila Maloney, the girl with the camera. We will all get to see the product of her efforts soon.

Lastly Lacy Pruitt. Just saying her name is like speaking of a legend. All the flyers, banners, Goat Rancher ads. Being my moral support and Rah Rah girl. Lacy, I could go on and on and not say enough. You are a talented women and are appreciated more than you know.

I am sure there were others that stepped up where needed. How do I know that? Because we are ‘Farm Folk’ and THAT is what we do!

All of our consignors. Stepping up with your best animals. It is not cheap to be in a sale/event of this magnitude, There is a lot of pressure and then DRIVING THE DISTANCE, showing up and working your ’tail’ off and doing it with a smile.

My hat is off to each and everyone of you. Even the head of the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and his staff were impressed. YOU MADE IT GREAT – YES YOU DID!