Auction: Spectacular 2023

 South African Savanna goats, registered through Pedigree International, have been selling in the USA and abroad since 2020.

2023 saw the third Savanna Spectacular gathering, with both 2020 & 2023 hosting a public auction.

22 breeders presented stock from across the country. From New York to Idaho, Texas to Illinois  they came with goats in tow.  

From North Dakota, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, N. & S Carolina and many states in between, they came. Buyers flew in from as far west as California & Oregon.

Two does tied for the top dollar honors at $5100 each.  Pruitt Farms Babe Ruth (lot 40), purchased by Kitten Milanovich,Texas and Sleepy Hollow Biloxi (lot 58), purchased by Christine Baize, Indiania.

The top selling buck grabbing the high bid of $4550.00 was Pruitt Farms Bushwhacker (lot 68), purchased by Joe Jefferson of Indiana.  Christopher Mass was high volume buyer, taking home 9 excellent Savanna does back to Texas. 

A big shout out to Col Lynn Newby for calling the sale. Thank you to Devin Peterson for presenting the leading information as each animal was placed in the ring.  Huge THANK YOU to our barn manager, Austin Pruitt. Austin and his crew ( Dalton Stearns,Kevin Cox,  Chad Waller, Chris Gunby, Rowdy Pruitt and Annabelle (granddaughter of Dart & Gayle Hyde) worked non stop keeping the goats in the sales arena.

Smiles to our Ring Girl, Silver Pruitt, for keeping each Savanna moving in the ring. Ann Crouch & Christine Baize efficiently checked out each buyer, moving them along to to the load out area in record time.

The camaraderie and cooperation of consignors, bidders and guests made for a SPECTACULAR day.

Volume Buyer – Chris Mass.

Prices reflect in-person bidders only.  Due to technical abnormality, online buyers are not represented.