NOTE: The 2023 Savanna Spectacular Gala event will be held the evening of Sept 22, 2023. We will provide more information and accept ticket purchases later in the 2023 year. Below you can read about the Gala 2020. Such a great time to visit and perhaps win the bid on our special Gala Benefit Auction.

Gala 2020. What a GRAND event !

The theme for the 2020 Savanna Spectacular was Savanna Strong. The evening seemed to encompass this theme of strength and unity in every aspect. 

To begin the evening the highlight was a glorious display of creativity and a symbol of unity with a cake created and donated by Lacy Pruitt of Pruitt Farm’s. As each piece of this creative masterpiece fit together it carried meaning beyond a delicious dessert. Placed on the foundation layer of the cake, the name of every Pedigree International Breeder was placed. This symbolized how the Pedigree  International community of breeders have come together and worked relentlessly to uphold the principles, dream and vision of Pedigree International and the South African Savanna Industry of the USA. 

The evening progressed to a lovely dinner and then a welcoming and thanking of our auctioneer, and gift baskets from each state given as door prizes from the consignors. We then entered the final event of the evening, the benefit auction.

This event spotlighted incredible unity and generosity. All items were donated by Pedigree International breeders, and many gracious sponsors. Those present witnessed many special moments as the group rallied together to support one another. It also seemed particularly fitting that the final item auctioned  was a commemorative Case knife made specifically for the 2020 Savanna Spectacular. Upon the final bid, the knife was gifted to Paulette, who had worked relentlessly to ensure the Gala and all other parts the 2020 Savanna Spectacular were a success. This special gift ended the night with one final symbol of a group of people who have struggled, overcome, and can truly say they are Savanna Strong.

What folks are saying:

-The Pedigree International Savanna Spectacular week-end was quite the eye-opener for us.  We enjoyed many aspects of the event immensely!  However, The Gala itself proved to us how special Pedigree International members are.  From the volunteers, to the donated state representative gift baskets & raffle prizes, to the fund-raising auction of donated items, it was evident that The People of PI are a cohesive, close, caring group made up of friends, couples, and families who love the South African Savanna goat.  We will be attending the next event with great anticipation!  
Mike & T.J. Nelms, Nelms Ranch, Kingsland, TX. 

-The Savanna Spectacular Gala, recently held in Springfield Mo., offered an excellent display of the Savanna Goat. Expertly organized by Ms. Paulette Wohnoutka, breeders brought outstanding representatives of the breed with both does and bucks. The priceless information acquired from this event will help us to grow and advance our herd quality.  It was wonderful to see old friends and great to meet new ones at the celebration dinner. The food and atmosphere was over the top. We are so grateful to be part of this fantastic organization. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.
Diana Long, Long Ranch Savannas, TN