Sales Catalog and Post Sale Review

September 21-23, 2023 will see a whirlwind of activity and excitement at the Ozark Empire Fair Grounds in Springfield, MO. The demand for Savanna Goat stock is STRONG. Don’t miss the opportunity to come and meet the breeders and take home something WONDERFUL!

Meanwhile enjoy the Post Sale Review from the Savanna Spectacular 2020. Flip through the Spectacular Catalog (below) and read the individual sales results.

“Show Me” the Money 

The Savanna Spectacular 2020 weekend was held in Springfield Missouri.   The combined event featured a seminar during the day and a Pedigree International (Pi) client dinner, affectionally called “The Gala”, Friday  evening.  The American Goat Federation sent an excellent speaker, Randy Duset, and three other speakers were also present to educate the attendees. A Savanna goat auction followed on Saturday.  This is the second sponsored event, that felt more like a gathering of friends than just breeders.   This year’s Covid situation prevented the travel of invited guests, Koenie Kotze’ and his lovely wife Marina from South Africa, but he was still presented with a custom-made silver Rodeo belt buckle for his accomplishments to the proliferation of the Savanna breed.   

The Gala dinner of clients brought new and old friends back together for fine dining followed by a friendly warm-up auction of donated items to benefit the event.  Pi breeders opened their hearts and wallets for over 5 thousand dollars in the evening bidding.  This followed by Lacy Pruitt’s giant totem cake of two flavors.   Yes, her passion is cake design.   It was delicious.

It would seem unlikely to top Friday nights event, but the morning viewing of the seed stock did not disappoint.  The quality was top notch, and anticipation was high.  The parking lot had 28 different state tags with over 150 people at the event live.  Col. Lynn Newby was on hand to call the game, with DV auction picking up bidders from the internet.   All of the goats were Full blood or percentage South African Savannas, all registered with Pedigree International.  Buyers were excited to take home their new acquisitions.  A local veterinarian performed health checks for new travel documents.   

Full blood Bucks13  lots soldAvg per head $2111.00
Full blood Does29 lots soldAvg per head $2400.00
Percentage Does 29 lots soldAvg per head $722.00
Semen (bundles of 5 straws)10 lots soldAvg per bundle $585.00

The standout breeder was Larry Rutledge of Texas Savannas.  The top selling buck was lot 34, RUT737 “El Dorado”, that brought $3000.   His full blood doe, lot 44 RUT759 Miss Katie, commanded $5400 to take her home.   The bidding was fierce and decided in person on them both.  John and Barbara Barnhart were not to be outdone and took home both of these stellar Savannas.  

These big beasts will be a huge asset to the Barnhart’s program in Ohio, and really showcases the Texas program of Larry Rutledge.   Each and every Pedigree International Savanna breeder who was involved in this event, felt a large amount of pride for quality of the Savannas and what accomplished in such a challenging year.