2023 seminar schedule:
9:00AM:  Dr Darren Loula DVM will get us up to speed on the new Rx changes. He will fit us in on what it means to have a ‘working relationship’ with your veterinarian that will satisfy the new regulations.  He will also discuss the new  and various diseases we need to be aware of.

10:30: Rusty Burgett of NSIP (National Sheep Improvement Program) will be on hand to share the benefits and process of maintaining Performance Data on your animals.

Break for lunch on the town.

1:00: Fecal Testing. An important part of livestock management is knowing what is going on with your herd. Parasites can be deadly. Knowing what your herds worm load is can mean the difference in performance and life & death.  Come and learn how to do your own fecal testing. 


In the meantime read about Spectacular Seminars 2020 below:

Industry professionals were invited to the seminar from a variety of areas of expertise. Speakers included, Randy Dusek: the American Goat Federation, Luke Wilbers: Lincoln University Busby Farm, Terri Pogue: Dominion Kennels Livestock Guardian Dogs Dominion, and Paul Mitchel: Imogene Ingredients.

While a variety of topics were covered, they all provided insight into the unique aspects related to raising quality livestock in the meat goat industry. Another great aspect of the seminar is it gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and network. 

Pedigree International and its breeders are looking forward to another successful seminar and auction in the next few years. Stay tuned for more information as it comes along.

Savanna Spectacular Seminars

What folks are saying:

 -After having educational seminars and seeing fine examples of Savanna goats, the Gala was a first class ending to the day.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know more Savanna breeders. The food was great and that cake was even better!   The auction was the high point of the evening.  The extreme generosity shown by donors and buyers was truly heartwarming to behold.  Just shows what great and caring folks make up this spectacular group.
Cecile O’Neill, Top Dog Ranch, MO

-A hearty hand clap to all those folks that assisted putting on the Spectacular. The educational properties on the Karkcachan dogs was really good. The educational properties on the tannin were a true blessing to my herd. 
An underrated product at the Spectacular was the Farmatan sweet chestnut tannin. I have used it every day since the Spectacular and what a difference in my goats. My kids have put on at least 5 pounds each (or more) since starting the tannin. I am incorporating it into my feed so I do not have to hand mix it. The Dahls have been using it on their cattle and I concur with them the tannin helps the gut to digest feed better. But, the added bonus to the tannin is a natural wormer. When a goat eats bark and leaves they are ingesting local tannin. Here we have lots of trees,especially cedars which goats love. Cedars are goats natural wormers. Serecia lespadesia has lots of tannin in it. Hence another natural wormer for goats. Well…….here is your tannin in a bag ready to go. It’s reasonable too. The 2.2 pound bag is only $10.70. At the Spectacular I bought 1 of everything. I have not been disappointed in the product, nor disappointed in the professionalism of both Pauls (Mitchell and Martin). 
Sharon Cain, Cain’s ‘Possem Trot Farm, MO

-Dani and Dalton Stearns from Diamond Savanna Ranch spent Friday of the Spectacular at the seminars.  Like the saying goes, ’you can learn something from everyone’ this was surely the case! The speakers were from all different fields with many different backgrounds.

What we found interesting about the American Goat federation was the thought of getting breeders together to be able to supply other countries with large quantities of goats.  We had been to a few other talks about this sort of venture and are supper excited to see where this may go!

Next came Terrie’s Livestock Guardian Dog talk where she discussed things from your predator load to training in new pups with retiring old LGDs. It came down to her opinion and practice of a 90-day bond period with your dog making them a guardian of not only the stock but also you and your family. She stressed the need to do your research on the breeder you choose and the type of dog you pick. Terrie focused on the dog’s health and aggression as well. She ended by saying, “When the dog sees what is important to you, they will protect it.”

Parasites were a hot topic, as usual at any goat seminar, as they are a main problem to be managed for any operation. Management was the key; NO grazing below two inches, use genetic selection as you keep replacements, and use rotational grazing with a two-month rest period. June and July tend to be the peak of parasite’s cycle. Different deworming protocols were discussed but the main point made was genetic selection based on a well-documented study. There is a difference when selecting between resilient and resistant. The study focused on goats’ body score, fecal egg count, FERMACHA, and a 30% blood count!

Sweet Chestnut Tannin is a new product used to keep coccidia and crypto from infecting your herd. Tannin creates a wonderful mucus lining in the ruminates gut to help aid as a antioxidant, anti-microbial as well as helps with urea/ammonia levels there-fore increasing immunity. Studies were talked about how calves would gain better because they were healthier due to the fact of tannin’s being in their diet. The Dahl’s of Heartland Savanna’s tested this product on their goats with two different kidding groups and found the group fed the sweet chestnut tannins’ gained way more than the group which did not.

There was so much more talked about between all of these informative seminars between breeders and participants!
Dani Stearns, Diamond Savannas, SD