Special Guest

On behalf of Pedigree International and our 270 + breeders, we would like recognize Koenie Kotze’ for his tremendous lifetime achievement.  Koenie’s extensive work as a judge, breeder, and breed pioneer helped create the proliferation of the Savanna goat in the United States.   


Our South African Savanna market consists of breeding from the four imports of Savanna genetics.  One of which was from Koenie’s farm.  These tracked by the original Savanna registry, Pedigree International.  The majority of Savanna breeders use the motto “where Tradition is the Standard”.


Koenie was our invited guest of honor for the 2020 Savanna Spectacular.  We had plans for Koenie and his lovely wife Marina, to tour US Savanna farms and sightseeing.  Tours to Washington DC, The White House, Noah’s Ark Adventure, and the Grand Ole’ Opry were planned.  We were all saddened by the Covid restrictions that prevented his travel.


We presented Koenie with a silver rodeo-sized belt buckle at the Savanna Spectacular live on the internet auction broadcast.  We were pleased to hear he was able to view this in South Africa.  The buckle was custom designed with his name and a Savanna buck head engraving, which is progeny from his genetics.  


Thank you Koenie for all your efforts.